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Our membership is a diverse network of business leaders and corporate organisations across several industries.

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Being a member of the Society for Corporate Governance upscales your capacity for governance and compliance. We incorporate multiple disciplines, such as finance, law, strategy, regulation, risk, and a practical understanding of boardroom and organizational dynamics.

For many years, we have continued to be the largest governance community in Nigeria. Numerous corporate governance professionals across Nigeria belong to the Society for Corporate Governance, as well as a good number of corporate entities.

We are an eclectic group that represents all industries. We accommodate any entity with an interest in corporate governance that meets our criteria, including public, private, not-for-profit organizations, and individuals. Our diverse community, advocacy outreach, resources, and educational programmes provide you with every tool needed to gain new global perspectives.

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Membership Benenfits

Being a part of an inclusive and world-class community

SCGN is committed to being a template for good corporate governance ethics and best practices. Our approach to deploying technology enhances the efficiency and expeditious conduct of corporate governance in addition to legal and compliance requirements. We are proud to be at the forefront of promoting good corporate governance through our global membership, represented in a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, companies, and sectors.

Share knowledge

Take the opportunity to participate, sharing ideas and expertise in our free Members’ Sessions, which include events based on corporate governance issues, providing an important platform for facilitating discussion of typical issues and thought leadership for corporate governance.

Expand your network

Meet other industry professionals, including our board members and fellows, at our in-person, online, and hybrid events, which provide you with excellent networking opportunities.

Exclusive Privileges

  • Advance notice of all SCGN events
  • A 20% discount on the Society’s paid programs.
  • Free and unlimited access to the society’s resource materials on all aspects of governance,
  • Management, rules, regulations, and case laws affecting corporate governance.
  • Access to ‘no-fee attendance to the Annual Corporate Governance Conference and other open programs of the Society.
  • Highly discounted in-house programmes for boards of member organizations.
  • Access to the annually published “Nigeria Observatory on Corporate Governance”—an annual report of corporate governance in quoted companies on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

Membership Types


For singular participants


For those appointed by the board of directors


For organisations looking to be on the cutting edge of corporate governance


Requirements Candidates should be in the managerial cadre and above
All applications should be accompanied by detailed curriculum vitae of the Applicant and Academic / Professional Certificates
Application Fee N20,000 (Non-Refundable)
Pre Induction Workshop 

Induction Fee



Annual Subscription Fee N35,000



Is there eligibility to become a member of the Society for Corporate Governance Nigeria?

To become a member of SCGN, you must be in a managerial cadre and must have at least 8 years of professional and academic experience.

How do I become a member of SCGN?

Following the completion of the required membership application form and attachment of all application documents, a review of the submission is conducted by the Membership Committee. Should the application be successful or otherwise, an email will be sent to the listed email address.

What are the categories of SCGN membership?

We have 3 categories of membership: individual, fellows, and corporate membership

If I already have an SCGN individual membership, can I convert to my company’s new corporate membership category?

SCGN memberships are renewable within 30 days of expiration. If your membership is within 30 days of its expiration, then YES, you may convert your current individual membership to a corporate membership category. If you are not within 30 days of the expiration date or if you have recently renewed your membership, you cannot convert to the corporate membership category.

Can I get a refund for my membership so that I can join my company's corporate membership category?

You can join your company’s corporate membership category when your membership is within 30 days of expiration. If you choose to convert your membership before that, you may do so, but a full or partial refund will not be issued for the unused months of your membership. If you choose to participate in the corporate membership programme and your renewal date is outside of the 30-day expiration window, SCGN will not refund corporate membership fees.

What will happen to my renewal date if my membership is eligible to be converted to the Corporate Membership category?

Your expiration date will be changed to one year from the date the Corporate Membership category is registered.

If someone leaves the company, can their "seat" on the corporate membership category be transferred to another employee?

Yes. The individual from your organisation that has been assigned account access will be able to edit the profiles of each person in the Corporate Membership Category. The new member of the Corporate Membership Category will be able to change the profile of the person who left the company to reflect their information. They will now be a part of the Corporate Membership Category for that company.