University of Greenwich partners with IBM to deliver sustainability HR course for all staff


The new course has been designed to educate staff on sustainability as one of the university’s key strategy pillars, with the aim of achieving net carbon zero by 2030.

The university is committed to achieving net zero by 2030 and, whenever possible, reduce its environmental footprint. In February of this year, it launched a 12-month campaign called Green Greenwich, to highlight what is being done to achieve the target.

For IBM too, sustainability is important. Mickey Sidhu, Oracle HCM Leader at IBM said:

‘Our ask was to see if we could use Oracle software for sustainability – what can we do to use our tool to help people and institutions to change mindsets and education is a great place to do that. We came up with Green HR. The University of Greenwich are green role models, and they are doing so much. With this tool, staff can log in and see all of these things the university is doing in one place – events, networks schemes and goals. It will enable staff to see the positive impact they can have.’

The course, which takes about one hour to complete will:

  • Provide staff with a clear path to build green knowledge, including on carbon reduction, protecting nature and valuing resources
  • Help staff to understand what sustainability is and why it is important to us
  • Provide guidance for staff to make decisions and take actions to make a difference.

Staff are encouraged to complete the course now, or during their probation or appraisal ,to embed sustainability into their research, teaching and work. We also hope that you will be able to use the knowledge you learn within your personal lives.

Simon Goldsmith, Head of Sustainability at the University of Greenwich, said:

'The University of Greenwich is proud of its contributions in delivering sustainability. We know to make the transformation required all staff will need to be engaged, on board and acting to help us on our journey. Our Green Greenwich Foundation course does this and is a project developed through brilliant collaboration not only within the university but also with IBM and Oracle. We’re looking forwards to our staff helping us protect our planet.'

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