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UCAS Clearing is a chance for prospective students to find a course for the new academic year. You will be able to search for university courses that have spaces once Clearing opens on 5 July. You can apply for a degree at the University of Greenwich through Clearing if you haven’t secured a place by the 30 June UCAS deadline or are looking to change course.

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Results Day is Thursday 15 August, and it will be very busy. To beat the rush, sign up to our Priority Clearing service. This gives you access to our Priority Clearing hotline, which allows you to jump the queue on Results Day.

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What is clearing?

UCAS Clearing is how universities advertise courses that still have spaces. If you don’t have a university place yet, this gives you a chance to find and apply for a course. The Clearing process runs from 5 July until September 2024

There are many reasons you may be applying through Clearing. It could be that you didn’t meet the conditions of your offer, haven’t received any offers or have rejected your offers. Maybe you’ve changed your mind about where you want to study or have found a course that you prefer. Whatever the reason, you can apply through Clearing if you’re not holding an offer.

When Clearing opens on 5 July, you can look for university courses that have vacancies. If you already have your exam results, you can apply for a place through Clearing as soon as it opens. If you don’t have your results yet, you need to wait until you receive them before making an application through Clearing.

Check out our comprehensive guide. It has everything there is to know about Clearing and how to prepare yourself so that you can make the most of it.

Clearing guide

Clearing success stories at the University of Greenwich

Hear from our students Bruno, Dan and Josephine about their experience of joining the University of Greenwich through Clearing.

Clearing timeline

Friday 5 July
UCAS Clearing opens

Saturday 6 July
International Baccalaureate results

Tuesday 6 August
SQA results

Thursday 15 August
A-level, T-level and BTEC results

Thursday 22 August
GCSE results

End of September
Clearing continues until our courses are full or the academic year begins.