About the university

Governance and management

The processes, policies and systems by which the university is administered and directed.

Governance and legal

The management of the university encompasses various areas including the University Governing Body, health and safety and Faculties.

University finances explained

Information about how the University earns and spends money to further its strategic objectives.

Academic Council

The Academic Council is the University's most senior academic committee.  It oversees the teaching and research of the University and is responsible for academic quality and standards.

Academic Committees

The Academic Council has a number of committees supporting it in its work, including committees responsible for Student Success, Research and Knowledge Exchange, Programmes and Partnerships, Research Ethics and related committees in the University's Faculties.

Executive Committees

The executive committees are headed by the Vice-Chancellor's Executive (VCE).  VCE has a number of committees supporting it in its work including committees responsible for health, safety, sustainability and wellbeing, estates, people, information technology management, equality, diversity and inclusion, capital programmes, fees and financial support and UKVI assurance.

Governance Resources

This resource area provides information about the University of Greenwich’s governance including guidance on and documentation for committee servicing.

University Delegation Framework

Information about the University Delegation Framework and how powers are delegated within the University.

Planning and Statistics

Planning and Statistics analyses data for incorporation into external returns and to provide insights for strategic planning purposes.

Risk Management

The University of Greenwich continuously develops and maintains an effective approach to risk management. Risk management involves a planned, systematic approach to identifying, evaluating and controlling the financial, administrative, commercial and reputational that can arise through our business activities.


This is information about the University's insurance policies.


Information about our internal legal services resources.


Information about our Safeguarding policies and arrangements.

Whistleblowing (Public Interest Disclosure)

Information about making a disclosure under the University's Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblowing) Policy and Procedure.

Declaring Conflicts of Interests, Gifts and Hospitality

Guidance for staff on how to declare an actual or potential conflict of interest and gifts/hospitality relating to their role.