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Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions refer to the University of Greenwich website accessible via www.greenwich.ac.uk, or any of its variations. This is the official website of the University of Greenwich, Old Royal Naval College, Park Row, Greenwich, London SE10 9LS.

The website develops constantly, and information it contains is subject to change without notice. The University makes every effort to ensure content is accurate.

Links to external websites

The University of Greenwich is not responsible for the content of external websites that link to or from our website.

We make every effort to ensure external links are free from viruses, but accept no liability for damage caused by viruses acquired from or appearing to have been acquired from the University of Greenwich website.

Prospectus information

This edition of the prospectus describes the services and courses that the University intends to offer in the coming academic year.

We make every effort to ensure our prospectus information is as accurate as possible at the time of printing.  However, this information is subject to change over time and it is important that you check the University's website for the most up to date information. Where changes have been made to the information set out in the prospectus, any significant changes to a course will be notified to any prospective student who has registered an interest in the programme and also notified to applicants at the time of making an offer. If you have any comments about the prospectus, please contact us at courseinfo@gre.ac.uk(UK students), international@gre.ac.uk(International/EU students) and postgraduateresearch_admissions@gre.ac.uk(MPhil/PhD students) as appropriate.

The University of Greenwich will do all that it reasonably can do to provide educational services as described on its website and prospectus. Sometimes circumstances beyond our control mean that we cannot provide such educational services. This might be because of, for example:

  • industrial action by University staff or third parties;
  • the unanticipated departure or absence of key members of University staff;
  • acts of terrorism;
  • the acts of any government or local authority;
  • epidemic or pandemic of disease;
  • academic changes within subject areas; or
  • where the numbers recruited to a course are so low that it is not possible to deliver an appropriate quality of education for students enrolled on it.

In these circumstances, the University will take all reasonable steps to minimise the resultant disruption to those services, for example by making reasonable modifications, but to the full extent that it is possible under the general law, the University excludes liability for any loss and/or damage suffered by any applicant.

The modifications we make may be to:

  • the content and syllabus of courses, including in relation to placements;
  • the timetable, location and number of classes;
  • the content or method of delivery of courses of study;
  • the examination process; and
  • the timing and method of assessment.

Many of the changes that we make are in response to feedback from students and are intended to improve the experience of students and student outcomes.

Where circumstances demand an unavoidable change or where it is necessary for the University to discontinue a course of study, the University will take reasonable steps to minimise the effect for applicants and all significant changes will be notified promptly as set out above. Our Student Protection Plan sets out the steps we will take to protect the quality and continuity of study for students. If you have any particular concerns regarding any proposed changes, you should make the University aware as soon as possible by contacting us at the email addresses provided above.

You should also be aware that some of the programmes listed in the prospectus are subject to final approval. In the unlikely event that a course is not approved by its start date, the course will not run and you will not be able to take up your place. Should this happen, you will be informed by the University and assistance will be provided to those who have been offered a place to find a suitable alternative course at the University. Where a course is awaiting final approval, this will be indicated clearly in the course's entry in the online prospectus.

The prospectus describes the courses we offer. As a student, you receive further material describing the teaching, examination, assessment and other educational services, and information on the social side of student life at the time that any offer is made to you and subsequently upon enrolment. Your application to the University will be considered in accordance with the University's Admissions Policy and Procedure, which also sets out your right to complain if you are dissatisfied with the handling of your application.

Should you go on to enroll as a student of the University, you will be asked to agree to the University's Principal Conditions of Registration and your studies will be undertaken and governed in accordance with the University's Student Regulations, Policies and Procedures (see the current year's versions here). Please note that the Principal Conditions of Registration and the Student Regulations, Policies and Procedures are updated annually for the start of the academic year. While changes are not usually significant, the current year's versions should be treated as indicative and you should familiarise yourself with the documents applicable to your year of registration when you enroll. A summary of changes to regulations and policies is provided to continuing students at the start of each academic year.

If you become a student, this notice shall constitute a term of the contract between you and the University of Greenwich. Any offer of a place is made on the basis that you consent to this notice as part of the contract.

The University's policies on fraud

If we have reason to believe you, or any person acting on your behalf, has provided false information, omitted relevant information, made any misrepresentation and/or provided counterfeit or forged documents while applying for a place, tuition fees assessment, or Mandatory or Discretionary Award, we will take the steps necessary to establish the authenticity of the information.

If we suspect fraud, we can share information with outside agencies as indicated in our Student Privacy Notice. If they conclude fraud has taken place, we have the right to cancel your application, withdraw any offer of a place and rescind your student status. We will ask you to provide further information or documentation in relation to your application or student status.

Data protection

The University processes personal data belonging to its applicants, students and others and complies at all times with current data protection legislation. Further details are provided in our Privacy Notices.