Giving to Greenwich

Join our growing community of supporters who empower and enable our students to seize every opportunity possible.

Greenwich Student Fund

You can provide emergency assistance to students who find themselves in unexpected financial need. Your support can ensure that a student is able to focus on their studies without worrying about paying for rent, food and other bills.

Greenwich Student Fund

The number of Greenwich students who need financial support is rising, especially as they are being hit by the cost-of-living crisis. There has been an increase cost of food, energy, travel, and accommodation – which has become one of the most pressing issues our students are facing on campus today.

At Greenwich, we want to support our students to achieve their ambitions. We know that financial challenges, such as how to support themselves financially or pay their fees, is one of the pressures that impacts on their studies. This makes it difficult for students to learn in the classroom as well as make full use of the connections they make and the activities they take part in – all of this has positive outcomes on students.

The Greenwich Student Fund provides vital help to students who, through no fault of their own, are experiencing hardship.

Some of the ways your contribution might be used to help students.

  • £50 could provide a student with emergency funding for groceries.
  • £250 could provide a student with breakfast on campus for a term.
  • £500 could support a student who is a parent with childcare costs so they can continue to study.
  • £1,000 could fund an internship increasing the likelihood that a student will go on to secure graduate employment as soon as they finish their studies

You can also spread the cost of your donation over the course of a year by setting up a Direct Debit.