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The Society for Corporate Governance Nigeria (SCGN) is a registered not-for-profit organization committed to the development of corporate governance best practices for Nigeria. We are the foremost institution dedicated to the development and promotion of corporate governance best practices in Nigeria and across the continent.

We are committed to promoting good corporate governance and ethical corporate culture, through our advocacy and advisory services, training programmes and events, research, resources, and a vibrant member network of individuals and corporate organizations.

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Outlook 2022

Gain insight into the future of corporate governance across various industries

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Keep up to date with the latest corporate governance trends.


Access educational resources on all 幸运168飞艇开奖记录查询结果 things coporate governance

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The SCGN Experience

  • Throughout my time with the society, i have witnessed 开奖官方直播,幸运168飞艇开奖记录查询结果,the excellent services of this organization in all ramifications. The regular conferences and workshops for the directors and others go a long way to improve the quality of corporate governance in Nigeria. It is relevant to mention the regular publication of the society's journal. This is very noble and quality strategy for educating the public on governance. I have no doubt that the quality of staff we have are capable of achieving the objectives of the society. I wish all members well...

    Prof. Sunday Owolabi
    SCGN Fellow
  • SCGN has been at the forefront of promoting corporate governance best practices in Nigeria. It has helped shaped the current legal and regulatory landscape and has worked assiduously to ensure that Nigeria’s corporate governance practices mirror best international practices. It has, among others, taken up the responsibility of providing quality bespoke training to boards that enhances their effectiveness and efficiency; ensuring that the long-term interests of the company are aligned with that of the individual and society.  Overall, the Society’s contribution to the economic development of Nigeria – given the obvious interlink between corporate governance and economic development – is immense and highly commendable…

    Mr. Godwin Omoaka, SAN
    SCGN Member
  • We would like to use this opportunity to appreciate the 168飞艇全天稳定计划,官方开奖网站下载, Nigeria (SCGN) for the great impact it has had on our organization, especially in respect of dissemination of valuable information, 168幸运飞开艇官网开奖记录查询 compliance with corporate governance requirements and promotion of best practices in corporate governance. This Company has also benefitted immensely from several seminars and trainings, which have further enhanced our understanding and development of corporate best practices. All these continue to aid our corporate accountability and business prosperity. We appreciate the society’s development of professional excellence in its members who clearly are benefitting from its highly visible functions and expertise…

    Eko Distrubution Company PLC
    SCGN Corporate Member
  • SCGN is an institution that is committed to the advancement of corporate governance best practices in Nigeria. It is an excellent learning platform for corporate governance best practices. My membership in the society has provided me with invaluable opportunities to become more knowledgeable in corporate governance principles and best practices. Likewise, it has afforded me the opportunity to meet with 幸运飞行艇开奖直播 and network with experts in the field. The society has indeed been a valued partner in my corporate governance awareness journey, and I am enthusiastic about the journey…

    Bolanle Meshida
    SCGN Member
  • I joined the Society for Corporate Governance Nigeria in 2020, and it has been an eye-opening experience.  I have been continuously exposed to current trends and developments in the corporate sphere through the society's programs and platforms which has inspired me to sharpen my talents and skills.  Furthermore, the society has provided me with opportunities for professional networking as well as access to resources, notably in terms of research and training…

    Mrs. Bolanle Adejugbe
    SCGN Member
Board Evaluation

We assist organisations to identify critical areas for improvement that are required for optimal growth and performance.


We assess the performance of boards, individual directors and organisations for governance practices, trends, and issues.


We train participants to enhance their knowledge and understanding of corporate governance through shared experiences on the subject.


We work with the government on proposed legislative and regulatory reform, and ensure that our views on governance are widely circulated.


We provide and facilitate structured professional relationships to connect people, increase knowledge, and build skills for future goals and milestones.

Our membership is a diverse network of business leaders and corporate organisations across several industries.

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Join us today and gain opportunities to expand your network, advance your career, and build your knowledge of corporate governance 


Keep your organization’s corporate governance updated at all times by joining us.

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5B Lawani Oduloye Street, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island Lagos


09124878029, 07039672614



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At SCGN, we have been able to intentionally foster relationships with a wide network of partners: advocacy partners, regulatory bodies, Pan African and global corporate governance networks, sponsors, and technology and media partners. Through our collaborations with these top class organisations, we have been able to greatly improve corporate governance in Nigeria.

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